Word for Today

Ever wondered what all those strange, awkard and lesser know English words mean? Well, here are a few for you to peruse!

A passage through which water or electric wires can pass

A very intense and uncontrolled fire

The quality of agreeing; being suitable and appropriate

Form intrigues (for) in an underhand manner

Give over to another for care or safekeeping

One of the individual parts making up a composite entity

Make sense of; assign a meaning to

An injury in which the skin is not broken

Feeling or expressing pain or sorrow for sins or offenses

Showing an inclination to disagree

Go against, as of rules and laws

Occupied with or fond of the pleasures of good company

Word for Today

Today’s word is COMPUNCTION
This means a feeling of deep regret, usually for some misdeed. Similar meanings are: Remorse, Self-Reproach, Sorrow, Rue.

My 2nd word is CONCOMITANT
This means following or accompanying as a consequence. An event or situation that happens at the same time as or in connection with another. Similar meanings are: Subsequent, Ensuant, Resultant, Incidental, Accompanying, Attendant.

Word for Today

Today’s word is: well there are 2 words.

The 1st word is COGNIZANT
This means having or showing knowledge or understanding or realization or perception. Similar meanings are: Aware, Alert.

The 2nd word is COGENT
This means powerfully persuasive. Very telling.

Word for Today

This is an indirect way of expressing something, and this can be useful when writing a story or when you want to avoid saying something in a blunt way.

It’s a roundabout way of saying something, often going round in circles, which results in a longer way of saying something. Often used by some people to confuse the issue being discussed.

Word for Today

The Word for Today is CALUMNY: Meaning a false accusation of an offence or a malicious misrepresentation of someone’s words or actions. An abusive attack on a person’s character or good name.

Similar Meanings are: Slander, Defamation, Aspersion, Denegration. Libel.

Word for Today

The Word for Today is BILK
This means to cheat somebody out of what is due, especially money. Also it can mean to Hinder or prevent the efforts, plans, or desires of someone.

Similar Meanings are: Evade – Foil – Frustrate – Baffle – Thwart – Spoil – Elude.