People often ask me what sort of genre I like to write, and my answer is always the same: I write a wide variety of genres. This variation of genres can be seen in my book of Short Stories featured in Twilight with stories ranging from quirky, funny, serious, true life to the mysterious. I also write a variety of Literary Types including Novels, Short Stories, Novellas, Poetry and Writer’s Resource Books.

Novels: My first novel “The Urban Soldier” sold extremely well and received countless rave reviews. It’s success and the plaudits I received gave me the confidence to write my second novel, a political thriller titled “The Prime Ministers Rival.” This novel was also well recieved and has been rated 5 stars. For my third novel, I decided to try something different and write a crime thriller. I called it “When Darkness Falls.” Some readers have commented that this novel is as good as any crime thriller they have read. I have written two more novels titled “One Lifetime is not Enough” and “Lost in Transit,” and both are worth a read.

Poetry: came to me as if by magic on a warm January Summer’s morning in 2004 whilst I was living in Australia. I simply woke up with the skill and I have no idea why that was. But all of a sudden my stories took a back seat as I began to write poems, all of which rhymed. After writing my first poem, I was encouraged to enter it in competitions run by “The International Society of Poets” and to my surprise, it won the “Editor’s Choice Award.” Three more of my poems have also won this coveted award. These 4 poems, and many others are featured in my book of poetry titled “Atmospheric.”

Novellas: I have written two Novellas titled “Penelopes Wedding” where anything that can happen; Does and “A Job in Bangkok,” which appears in my book of short stories “Twilight.”

Resource Books: Learning how to write a story, and at the same time, make the story appealing to readers, has been a quest of mine from the beginning, and will no doubt continue to be so. Subsequently, I have undertaken numerous “Creative Writing Courses,” been a member of several “Writing Clubs” and entered various writing competitions. Even today, I still concentrate on improving my writing knowledge, and skills. Throughout this time, I have accumulated a multitude of ideas and information. This led me to write 2 books on the subject.

For the more adventurous, or experienced writers, why not try: “Fast Track Your Novel” and save yourself years in learning the craft of how to “Write a Story.” This book is crammed full of easy to follow practical help and ideas galore. If you are a Beginner, you might like to try “A Beginners Guide To Writing A Story.” This book concentrates on the basics in an easy to follow format.

What People Have Said

A sample of Comments from Readers who have read my 1st novel “The Urban Soldier”:

I could not put down your book. Amazing – SM. I’m not a big reader, but when I started reading, I couldn’t put it down. Every spare minute I had I was reading it, and after 3 days, I’d finished. It’s a fantastic book – JT. Don’t often read, but could not put it down. I want a sequel – PB. Enjoyable. I like your writing style – FP. Couldn’t put it down. The story flows really easily – DH. Very very good – JP. Couldn’t put it down – SJ. Enjoyed it. Flowed easily – MT. Really enjoyed it – SL. It’s a very very good read and had me gripped from beginning to end – ST. Very interesting read – JN. Gripping. Couldn’t put it down – AN. Really enjoyed it – DM. Love your writing style and couldn’t put your book down – Anonymous Female Reader.

Review of “Twilight” (short stores) by PR on Jan. 06, 2014:

This anthology is aptly named; the stories tread a fine line between the mainstream and the surreal. The variety of settings and scenarios never fail to hold the reader’s attention and take them somewhere new with each story, whether it be during a storm aboard a transport ship or the cells of a Bangkok jail. In each story the author skillfully manages to set the scene and atmosphere to such an extent the reader really does feel like a fly on the wall of what’s happening, which is quite apt as in one of the stories, a very clever and original idea, the narrator is indeed, ‘a fly on the wall.’ At nearly sixty thousand words, this is no throw-away effort of slightly elongated flash fiction, but a real collection of well written and thoughtfully developed stories that keep the reader thoroughly entertained, effortlessly combining elements of the adventure genre with that of the thriller and suspense. Some of the stories follow the tried and trusted short story format of providing the reader with a clever and unexpected ending, whilst in others they simply draw to a logical and satisfying conclusion, thus keeping the reader guessing and intrigued right to the end. I would definitely recommend this to fans of the short story and novella genre, and indeed anyone who enjoys reading well written stories of any length.

Comments from a Major Publishing Company:

Maurice has a very good eye for detail, character and theme. He has a fluent style of writing, which makes this book interesting, flow well and easy to read. Good books need a good story, and “The Urban Soldier” is an exceptionally good story.

Review of “The Prime Ministers Rival” by PR on March 18, 2014 Rated 5 Stars:

This is the 2nd of Maurice Northmore’s books I’ve read and the 2nd one I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. The central character, Foster Saunders, is a cabinet Minister and chief rival for the Prime Minister’s job, but he’s also a man with a hidden past, so hidden in fact that he only discovers it himself quite by chance. Inevitably, the Prime minister also comes to learn of Foster’s past and wastes no time in using the information against him. But Foster Saunders also has his own information that he can use against the Prime Minister, and is equally ruthless in his lack of hesitation to use it if needs be. In the early part of the story there are some excellent and unexpected twists, followed by several more as the book progresses. The political manoeuvrings amidst the corridors of power conjure up definite echoes of Michael Dobb’s ‘House of Cards’, but things quickly progress in a more action driven direction as the Prime Minister takes steps to ensure Foster Saunder’s removal from the Westminster political arena, taking the reader to the political upheaval and prisons of the far east, military coups, assassinations, and daring escapes. There are a several characters, some of whom appear larger than life, with colourful names such as the Duke and Scarface; all are well portrayed and convincing, and integrate well into the overall story. Throughout the book, the reader is kept guessing as to Foster Sander’s fate, and how he’s going to overcome his situation. The conclusion is as unexpected as the opening twists in the story but equally satisfying. A very enjoyable read!