A crime thriller set shortly after WWII near the town of Moorland nestled on the southern edge of the Yorkshire Dales where Detective Inspector Tom Madison has no clues to work with and there were no witnesses. 

Based on a true story of one boy’s life. The Urban Soldier is a rivetting must read that will have you hooked from the first line to the very last.

An intriguing political thriller novel. What mystery does a Box Brownie and an undeveloped film hold. Will a hostile ex lover reap her revenge? What sins is Foster prepared to commit?Blackmail? Murder?

This story is about a boy and the way that against all odds he never gave up on finding love, and what is most surprising, he found it in the one place he never thought to look.


Wedding planning is in order until Penelope hears that her ex husband Troy is coming to the wedding. Now anything that can happen: Does.


An intriguing anthology of 5 star rated award winning Short Stories, in a wide vaiety of genres.


Features an anthology of Maurice Northmore’s poetry. 4 of these poems were awarded the “Editors Choice Award” by “The International Soicety of Poets.”


This book is for the beginner and covers the basics, ideas, exercises, story elements, techniques, characters, summary of a plot, how to expand and refine a story, & examples of body language.

Want to write a story like a Pro? The information provided is simple and logical. Topics covered are: story elements, & how they affect a story, weaving a story, tantalising the reader, skeleton plots, body language, genres, structures, character traits, techniques & more.

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